Bed bugs are an irritating and troublesome household pest. Not only are they hard to locate, but they can cause health risks for your family.

If you have seen or felt signs of an infestation, it’s important for you to call us so that we can help locate and remove bed bugs to bring your family peace of mind. At Sidney & Allen’s Pest Control, we make it a point to speak to you and tailor our plan to fit your needs.

Residential Bed Bug Extermination


Our treatment methods start with the identification process. While you may notice the initial signs of bed bugs where you sleep, that doesn’t mean they aren’t living in other places as well. We will look over your beds, furniture, rugs, and even linens for signs of an infestation. Our technicians are trained to search for things most homeowners are unaware of, and because of this they are capable of finding any and all places where bed bugs may hide.


Heat Treatment

Once we have located where the pesky bed bugs make their home, we utilize a chemical-free heat treatment process to eliminate them. Because the lethal temperature for bed bugs is between 117-122 degrees Fahrenheit, this method of treatment is the most efficient and safe way to rid your home of the infestation. The major benefit of heat treatment is that it eliminates eggs in addition to the adult or adolescent bed bugs, so that you can be certain the premises are rid of them.

The Sidney & Allen’s Difference

Bugs do not stop, and therefore we can’t either. We are always looking for new and innovative ways of dealing with common household problems, and we feel that your home deserves a unique treatment plan. After all, your home, your family, and your situation are unlike anyone else, and our plans should work to your needs. Bed bugs can multiply quickly, so it’s important to detect them as early as possible. If you feel as though you have signs of an infestation, let us be the first call you make.

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